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Why You should Buy Google Voice Accounts

If you’ve just created a google voice account or bought any of the google voice numbers from somewhere, you’ll get the google voice numbers for each account individually.There are a variety of useful reasons to buy google voice accounts.So, it’s a good idea for you to know why you need to buy google voice numbers for you.

Free Google Voice Numbers

Google Voice Accounts provide you a special number that allows you to make a call or receive a call from any number.After creating a Google Voice account, you’ll be able to turn your phones to the features more effectively.You will also have the facility to use the existing number in Google voice account if you want to use your old number.Google Voice Numbers also provide free messaging, so you can send and receive text to your browser or phone.

Send Free Text from Any Phone or Browser

Google Voice Accounts also provide a free and reliable text service from any device anywhere.If you purchase google phone numbers, you can send and receive text from any phone or web browser  by connecting to your google voice account.

Google Voice Accounts Help Your Business

Features of Google voice accounts will allow you to interact easily with your business partners or customers.Using google voice numbers to make any contact is easy, comfortable and reliable.You can buy google voice accounts or numbers from us for all of your business purposes.

Buy Google Voice Numbers


Buy Google voice numbers, even Though google offers Google voice numbers for free but with limitations, google voice is a service, where you can add Your phone numbers and other various features to your plan. Google voice numbers help people stay in touch with each other, Your current plan and Your number stay the same and you get maximum benefits from google voice numbers. You can add more features to your current phone number which makes your phone number more powerful.
1-Google Voice number can forward calls to any of your other numbers, for example, your number can be forwarded to your office number, to your mobile device or to a home number or any other number if that ever changes you can eliminate numbers and just go back to the ones you want.
2-You can make free calls in the United States and to Canada, you can also send free text messages Google Voice also has low international rates if you call internationally you can make calls from the internet on your web browser at Voice Google com from your mobile device with the Google Voice app and from Gmail it’s integrated right into Gmail.
3- Custom voicemail greetings based on the person calling you for example you could set up English and Spanish messages depending on who is calling you.
4-voice mails are transferred to text and sent to you via text message so you can be on your mobile device and you get a notification that you have a new voicemail and you could respond to that right away.
5-As I mentioned Google Voice is fully integrated with Gmail so those are the main features of Google Voice and you can send it for free.

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